Daytrip in Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA


A bite at a local clam shack chain.  Recommend the fried clam necks.

And the local color, wrapping normally from upper left

  1. Ferries to Martha’s Vineyard.  I always wanted to know where this was.
  2. Cape Cod Times
  3. Bear with my posture issues
  4. Local sayings
  5. A penguin trapped in a car without windows cracked
  6. The local beach bum welcoming customers
  7. Peculiar taxonomy of a seagull or albatross.  Reminds me of Han Solo in “carbonite”.  And Jabba the Hutt “I Will Not Give Up My Favorite Decoration
  8. Angry guy sayings
  9. JFK Memorial
  10. Indian guy who loiters here

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