Pacific Coast, Day 1-2, Vancouver

Landed in vancouver.  Took subway into city.

Yaletown, clockwise from bottom center

  1. Vancouver airport customs
  2. Yaletown shops and restaurants
  3. Different block
  4. Canada plates
  5. Another angle of #2
  6. Public restrooms
  1. Sushi in Yaletown
  2. Chinese Food in Yaletown

Bulldogs in Vancouver!

Granville, clockwise from upper-left

  1. Granville St
  2. The polar bears, we don’t judge, not that there’s anything wrong
  3. More shops on Granville, Starbucks further down
  4. Waterfront station
  5. Japadogs, asian flavored hotdogs
  6. Rubbernecking in Canada, somethings are the same everywhere

Waterfront / Sea Terminal, clockwise from upper-left.

  1. Waterfront station
  2. Trolley down Cordova St?
  3. Cruiseship parked on waterfront
  4. Disembarking cruise travellers
  1. Shanghainese restaurant for chinese dumplings
  2. Near Waterfront station
  3. How I discovered it
  4. Yes, I tried a japadog

Capilano, clockwise from upper-left

  1. Capilano park over a valley, with suspension walking bridges (they sway) spanning them, and across the trees in the forest.
  2. Bridge suspended between trees.  Where was this when I was a kid, and still wanted a treehouse?
  3. Different kinds of lumber
  4. I think I’ve seen this guy before.
  5. Different angle of bridge suspended by bridge.

Gastown.  A couple of nice restaurants.  And I think a underground tour  starts here.


Chinatown, Rogers Arena Stadium, World of Science, clockwise from upper-right

  1. Chinatown gate
  2. Edge of chinatown
  3. stadium w retractable roof (BC Place?)
  4. Edge of Rogers arena where some kids are skateboarding
  5. World of Science
  6. Sharpei

Stanley Park, clockwise from upper-left

  1. Map of Stanley park
  2. Beach on the park
  3. Concession stands in park
  4. Warnings about the scourge in our parks!  The seagulls!
  5. Another map of park
  6. Stone sculpture

Robson and Denham

  1. Robson St has a string of restaurants from Denham to Granville
  2. Hahaha

Train Terminal to Seattle, counterclockwise from upper-left

  1. Leaving from waterfront station
  2. Subway outside VIA train station
  3. Pacific Central station
  4. Leftover dumplings

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