2013, Day 5-6, Bus pulls into Portland, OR

Clockwise, from upper-left

  1. Crowd gathering for free band and eats at Italian festival in downtown
  2. Food vendors behind band
  3. Train / Trolley system stop
  4. Chinatown gate
  5. “All dogs deserve to be spoiled”
  6. Bar / restaurant
  7. Coffee shop
  8. Shopping
  9. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
  10. Train / Trolley
  11. Repurposing old snow boards into benchs
  12. Chairs at Ben and Jerry’s have a interesting noise and shock reduction system
  13. Food trucks
  14. Hostel
  15. Shops

BBQ.  The brisket was so smoky.  The pulled pork was flavored perfectly.  The ribs had a perfect soft but firm consistency off the bone.  I had a food coma afterward.

Japanese Garden

Sunday Farmer’s market at Portland State University


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