2016, thru Providence, RI to Boston

Providence is above.

Best place to park on the weekend, is the less than $10 parking ($6 or $7 for 12 hours) at the MBTA train stations.  It fills up quickly on weekdays.  But on weekends, it’s pretty empty.  This is the case for Wonderland station on the north side, Alewife is a little closer from northwest side, Riverside on the west side, and Braintree on the south side.  So you don’t have to drive into downtown Boston.  Park, and take the train in.

From the left.

  1. Map of the MBTA train system
  2. The green line starting from Riverside has outdoor overflow parking that is pretty convenient.
    • Not a lot of shops within walking distance.  There is a College nearby, a coffee shop, and small street of restaurants within driving distance.
  3. Going down escalators from parking, toward Alewife station turnstiles.
    • There’s a Bertucci’s downstairs outside station.
    • Summer Shack is a restaurant across the street which serves seafood.
    • Other than that, the location is isolated by being surrounded by several parkways.
  4. Pedestrian bridge spanning Revere Beach and Wonderland station (and the parking lot)
    • The beach is across the street
    • There are some laundromats in neighborhood, if that’s important
  5. Not pictured. Braintree station has several shopping malls nearby, but you have to drive there.  There’s a Chili’s, and a BBQ place nearby.



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