2016, Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is the established tourist anchor here.  A lot of the shops are only open in the morning.  The rest close after dinner around 9pm.  Only a few sports bars are still open after.  Clockwise from upper-left

  1. Picture of the Park in front of Harbor
  2. A corner of all shops in front of Harbor
  3. Picture of the Harbor
  4. Lobster roll Deli
  5. Pizza
  6. Breakfast
  7. Choco-Latte!
  8. Another street of shops

Acadia National Park has a lot of trails to bike and hike.  Clockwise from upper-left

  1. Closest private campground, around $30/night.  Acadia has its own campgrounds as well.
  2. Northeast Harbor
  3. Cadillac Mountain peak
  4. Bass Harbor lighthouse
  5. Sand beach
  6. Thunder Cove
  7. Schooner Head Overlook
  8. Southwest Harbor (center).  A few shops along a central street.

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