2016, Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA

I went to Provincetown on the chance they might let me camp on the beach (above).  But they only issue beach camping permits to RV’s (Self Contained Vehicle in their parlance). It was the end of the season, but my begging and pleading at the Tourist Center went unheaded.  Wrapping normally from upper-left.

  1. Provincetown street with shops
  2. Dog friendly beach rules
  3. The span of the beach, adjacent to the marina (not shown, to the right)
  4. Bluejay on the beach
  5. The other guys who had my camping idea.  Their friends joined on the weekend
  6. Salisbury Steak and awesome fries
  7. Ranger Station on the beach at sunset
  8. The Lobster Pot
  9. Pilgrim Memorial at night

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