2016, Jersey for the Holidays (rehab center after)

My host parties hard!  And is passed out without cleaning the powder from the nose.

But for some reason, keeps feeding me and feeding me asian food.  Clockwise

  1. Sauteed Pork Kidney
  2. Japanese cucumbers marinated in salt, pepper, and sesame oil
  3. Vietnamese Pho in Jersey City, Lobster sauteed in scallion and ginger, deep fried flounder
  4. Chinese Hotpot in Flushing (sliced pork, beef, tofu, shrimp paste)
  5. Korean BBQ and Hotpot in Brooklyn
  6. Dim sum in Jersey
  7. Homemade casserole
  8. Tater tots with pulled pork, topped with roasted pepper aoli from Newport Center Mall in Jersey City
  9. Homemade dumplings, sauteed broccoli, and savory egg tofu
  10. New York strip topped with sauteed mushroom and onions
  11. Sliced Braised Roast Beef
  12. Clams in black bean sauce, fried fish, and roast beef wrapped in in scallion pancake
  13. Homemade dirty dog w fried egg
  14. Hibachi Buffet in Jersey City (center)

I have to re-supply here for the next leg of the trip.


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