2017, it’s 65 deg in Princeton, NJ today

And I expected it to be a quiet Thu, weeks before classes start.  But apparently “the Tigers”, they really like it here.  Wrapping normally, from upper-right corner.

  1. Shops nearby campus, around Route 27.
  2. Panorama from inside Princeton University campus
  3. Princeton Public Library (not the university library)
  4. Inside campus
  5. Inside campus near Princeton University Art Museum
  6. Near the Princeton University sports field
  7. View of campus from Nassau st.  Route 27.
  8. Bridge from Plainsboro to Princeton
  9. Inside Princeton University campus
  10. Beautiful girl in the Princeton art museum.  Admission is free of charge.  No guarantee the photo is still there.  But that day had a photography exhibit.
  11. Princeton Public Library has an interesting display of art works in miniature, like on microfiche, posted on the wall.  There’s a iPad to gesture to the magnified work and description of the artist.
  12. The Bent Spoon ice cream shop.  Try the dark chocolate scoop with a scoop of raspberry.
  13. The “wake up call” from Hoagie Haven





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