2017, The developers are done debugging.  We have a route update

We added a few more cities.  And despite my best efforts to introduce race conditions in the coding, the crack programmers have helped figure out the bugs.  Though the new one to the team, may have lost a few marbles along the way.

His last words before he hung up:

Stupid programming changes! He added all these new places where the program breaks!!  Woof woof. Grrrr. Woof.  How’d you like it, if I broke your stuff!

I go thru developers very quickly.  So I have to recruit early.

The path optimizer produced this route:


I made an adjustment to bypass Camden yards, and Florida on this path.  It’s not baseball season, so a visit to those ballparks would be a little more hollow.


In meantime, Princeton, NJ has returned to normal temperatures, so I’ve started searching for an indoor public venue to hang away from the chill.  The only place I found is the nice little Marketfair mall nearby, with the usual store brands: Starbucks, B and N, West Elm, Brookstone, Anthropology, Pottery Barn, Qdobe, Bobby’s Burger Palace, but no food court per say.  There is a AMC movie theater. However, everyone else had same idea.  Starbucks and Barnes and Noble were fully packed.

Time to move on.


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