Kentucky, how well guarded is Fort Knox?

From the left:

  1. Commonwealth Stadium for the University of Kentucky.  They like their sports programs here.
  2. Tally-ho sandwich shop.  24 hours.  Really good, no frills, burger joint, though ordering for the dainty mouthed might be a challenge.  Has wifi.
  3. The “Deep Fried Ho” is a country fried hamburger.  Best Country Fried Steak, Ive ever had was in Myrtle Beach.  Its not as good as that one, but between two buns, it’s pretty good.  Other burgers are named the “Super Ho” (2x lb’er) or “Mega Ho” (3x lb’er).  Reminds me of a catfight on a school bus as a kid.
  4. University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.  An agriculture college.



Toyota factory in Georgetown, KY. They have the first Camry they made there (Amazing how upmarket cars are now).  Great tour of a working factory.  Short, but it is free after all.  They have to keep you out of the way of all the hard working people there.  Or a call might come from new Camry owner who found a lost cell phone in his car.  No cameras actually in the plant, though.

Wild turkey distillary in Kentucky.  The largest single bourbon distillary.  The tour costs  $10 and the smell is divine.  The taste the next morning is unexpected.

From upper left corner, wrapping normally.

  1. Toyota Visitor Center, engine display
  2. Toyota waiting room for tour
  3. Toyota office entrances for factory.  There seems to be a separate entrance for factory workers.
  4. Wild Turkey Bourbon mash.  The smell is great.  It’s even better in the barrel warehouse.
  5. Tastings of other Wild Turkey Bourbon grades
  6. Rye grain siloes a Wild Turkey.  As the guide was so emphatic on: “Wild Turkey gets it’s bold flavor because it uses more rye than it’s competitors”.  Also “Wild turkey 101 is proofed to exactly 101 for better taste, so that it doesnt need to be downproofed as much with water, after the distilling process”.  I don’t drink, and he had me wanting to try some.
  7. Wild Turkey Distillary
  8. Inside Toyota Georgetown Factory Visitor Center

From the top, wrapping normally.

  1. Fort Knox (the gold depository).  There are actually no visitors allowed there.  And as you approach, there are signs posted not to stop or park.  So this is a moving smartphone shot.  However a friendly guard did help me with directions away from the military base.  Couldn’t find a post office inside Fort Knox so I could send a postcard stamped from Fort Knox, though.
  2. Air pollution in our time.  Our insatiable need for energy.  We may not have any left by time they figure out warp drive.  At least the smoke stacks look as if it works as designed.  Carrying the smoke high enough into air to be carried off by wind currents, giving a chance for the heavier particulates to disapate before returning to earth.
  3. Louisville Slugger museum and factory.  I think the tickets are around $12.  55mph batting cage, 10 balls for $2.  Downtown nearby the science center, Joe Frazier museum and Ali museum.
  4. Louisville reminds me of New Orleans.  Town beside a mighty river with 2 steel bridges spanning it.  This is Louisville’s Ohio riverfront.
  5. They sell plenty of bats and souvenirs at Louisville Slugger museum.  But here, thet are selling bats that failed the Quality Assurance process.  Presumablely for display.



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