Eastern Tennessee, where God loves you, whether you like it or not

If it’s not a bumper sticker, it should be.  I saw it outside a baptist church.

Fort Loudoun Dam, part of the historic Tennessee Valley Authority (above).  It and Oak Ridge Manhattan project national historical museum $5 probably wasn’t worth traveling out of the way for, but if it’s on the way, the dam is a nice place for a picnic, or to fish.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left:

  1. The Manhattan Project National Memorial Park, is actually a cool science museum, catered for the field trip crowd.  After, I’ve read on internet that they offer tours to the actual Oak Ridge facilities itself, but the guide at front desk never mentioned it.
  2. They have some pictures and diagrams of the Facilities at Oak Ridge which contributed to the bomb making effort.  (Note Sept 2017: I found out at Hanford, WA, Oak Ridge produced enriched uranium, while Hanford Reactor produced plutonium)
  3. Picture of the aftermath of the Tinity Blast from above.



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