2017, Memphis, TN

A McDonald’s blast from the past, just in time for the movie?

From the uppoer-left, wrapping normally.

  1. You know what’s funny.  I swear Jeremy Renner kinda looks like Elvis.
  2. Gates of Graceland mansion.  $45 gets you a tour of the mansion, access to the car museum.  As well as tour of the plane.
  3. Elvis’s plane, named Lisa Marie.  Took a picture of it, above the fence.  It consumes an hour of so, but if Elvis had any part of your life or heard his music, you might as well see it.


Beale Street visually has a lot of character.  It is beautifully photogenic like distressed wood.  It’s turned that into 2 blocks of BBQ and blues clubs.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left.

  1. Beale St Entertainment block is located just blocks from Fedex Forum where Memphis Grizzlies play.
  2. Some of the signs outside on Beale St  (Bail) beckoning customers inside the restaurants.
  3. BB King’s Blues Club
  4. BB King’s Blues club has fantastic brisket.  Good mix of bark and tender pieces.  The potato salad is awesome.  Awesome.
  5. Handy park is nearby, where they can probably play outside concerts.  The Coca-Cola sign is probably an indicator that Memphis is home to the Coca Cola Bottling company headquarters.  I couldn’t find the factory here to tour, though.
  6. More signs outside Beale St
  7. Trolley downtown, with more shopping.


The Peabody hotel has live ducks that habitate in the hotel.  They come down from their penthouse and liven the scenery in fountain in the lounge, everyday from 11a to 5a.  And everyday they march themselves to and from work, via the elevator.  Strangely, they seem to run away from me.  I suspect the word is out among the ducks, that I have too many visits to Big Wong in NYC.

Memphis is mostly a sprawling city.  According to Wikipedia, the population is about the same as Nashville, around 600k.  But it feels bigger in terms of places to visit/pass by.  Below is Liberty Stadium.  Where Tim McCarver stadium used to be.

Cooper Young District is like 4 blocks of bars and restaurants started by artists.  But I found the Panera bread at Laurelwood Shopping Center more laptop friendly.  Most of the malls here and there are like 6 of them, have a food court to settle in.  But few have power outlets easily accessible.  Laptop loiterers are not common here, I guess.  East Memphis is the more gentrified parts of town.

Central BBQ.  No bark on the brisket.  Ribs fall off the bone.  Good potato salad and cole slaw.  What’s that about?  Why has cole slaw suddenly tasted good in some places?  Did the secret cole slaw lab finally discovered the right formula a half dozen years ago?  Has outdoor and indoor seating.

I find myself hanging around Bartlet / Germantown area.  There’s a lot of places in that area that have shops with outlets, wifi, and are laptop loitering tolerant.

I have noticed an interesting sign starting in Kentucky, but has been everywhere for about 2 states now.  It has replaced the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” signs I remeber as a kid.  You would think there was somethings that didn’t need a sign for.


The Memphis Zoo has pandas.  If I pass it too often, the zookeepers outside gates eye me suspiciously, like I’m planning to break them out, and have a store of bamboo in my van.

Lots of schools, High Schools and Colleges.  Like Nashville, a lot of churches.  Not exactly a cornucopia of tourist locations, but you defnitely can just hang out here.



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