I’m in Little Rock, AK and the Clintons are in NY.  

Nick’s Catfish outside Little Rock.  The typical Southern homestyle restaurant.

Found some time for some gag photographs.  I know that dog.  Funny how some architecture turns out.  I swear this one looks like German WWII helmet.

Clinton Presidential Library.  I wasn’t a particular strong supporter, but being the only government official that I know of, to be basically tried for infidelity in a public forum, you kinda felt he wasn’t given a fair shot.  And the university system didn’t fall apart while I was in college, so I’m thankful.  But his library does put up a lot of stats in his favor.

Big Dam Bridge.  Yes, really, that’s its name.

I’m not sure if I’d recommend a detour just to see Little Rock.  But it is a pleasant place downtown.  I wouldn’t say to avoid it, though the press definitely says otherwise for 2 of the last 3 cities I’ve visited, Cities with worst crime.  There is a huge amount of trucking traffic going through this area, just as in Nashville, and south Memphis.  The Arkansas River bisects the city.

Temperature read 66 degrees today, but the sun is intense here.  It feels 80 with the sun on you.


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