Arlington, TX, home of the Cowboys, the Texans.  Fort Worth, too.

Arlington, wrapping normally, from upper-left.

  1. At least 2 Asian shopping centers nearby stadiums.
  2. AT&T stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play.  There is a self guided tour, if you pay the admission.
  3. Bigger view of the turtle that doesn’t want to come out of it’s shell.
  4. Globe Life Field, where the Texas Rangers play.

Fort Worth, wrapping, from top-left.

  1. Fort Worth Stockyards, portrays historical Fort Worth, surrounded by their nightlife district
  2. Brisket, pork chop, and pork ribs from Cooper’s Pit BBQ.  It is THAT good.  You walk in, and the meat is right there under lids smoking.  You pick the piece of meat you want.  Price is per pound.  The brisket is sooooo goooood.  Fatty, moist, and the outside hasn’t yet turned into a hard bark but has all the seasoning.  The ribs and pork chop are ok in comparison.  Don’t let the brisket go cold.  The ribs and pork chop are ok the next day.  For taking it home for the next, it’s all about the fat congealing.
  3. Sundance Square during the day.  Restaurants and shopping all around.
  4. Cooper’s BBQ.
  5. Sundance Square at night.  I must be a sight to see during the summer months.




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