Sea Rim State Park, TX, and passing thru Beaumont and Port Arthur

I swear the alligator was smiling at me as i crept by.

The park has about 12 power and water hookups for RV’s for 23/night.  Looks like room for about 8 RV’s (probably more but I’m being conservative) on the beach itself wo power or water hookups for 13/night.

No wifi.  No LTE signal for either Verizon or AT&T.  AT&T 4G was a weak and dropped frequently.

There is a walk way thru a short portion of the marsh to see fish and birds, and the hopefully well fed alligator.

Beach makes me wonder how much money is required to make a beach look like a resort beach.

The drive thru Beaumont, TX and Port Arthur is astounding.  There is really no real reason I can think of to visit here except to get a glimpse of a modern marvel of industrialization.  The refineries/chemical plants here take up the entire horizon.


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