Houston, we have landed

If the van’s wheel bearing hub could’ve lasted another 300 miles until Houston, this couldve been titled “Houston, we have a problem”.

It is also the first town where I can understand someone saying “sigh, but that’s all the way on the other side of town!”  Other side of town might be hour and half away.


Space Center first, which is 60mi SE Of downtown Houston.  Space Center is the visitor center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center (Manned Space Flight).  But unless you’re seeing a baseball or basketball game, being far from downtown doesn’t really matter.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left.  Plus you’re nearby Kemah Boardwalk for the beach.

  1. Astronaut training facility.  You can see the mock shuttle cockpit in back ground.  The green smudge is a Soyuz module, which I was told is what they are training on currently.  No light saber practice observed…
  2. Astronaut “quidich court?”
  3. Why they put a sign like this, I don’t understand.
  4. (center) Saturn rocket.  You can’t see it, but there are 3 stages.  It’s almost like seeing the Relaxing Buddha in Thailand.  It’s huge.  The space shuttle doesn’t even feel this big.
  5. Mock Rovers to train in?
  6. (center) There something stuck up about these F-104’s.
  7. Exhibits for the field trip crowd.
  8. Apollo 17 capsule.
  9. Moon lander module
  10. Space shuttle cockpit.  Looks just like in the opening of the movie “The Core”.

More inside the Astronaut training facility.

Fry’s Electronics in Houston has a NASA theme.


Houston also has it’s share of refineries occupying the horizon.  As hard as it seems to believe, it just seems more of them here.

Agora, the coffee house for the matrix generation.  Power outlets everywhere, including the outdoor seating.  There are outdoor power outlets.

  • Agora Coffee, in downtown Houston.  Power and Wi-fi
  • Houston Public Library, Alief (20min W of downtown), Power and Wi-fi
  • Kung-Fu Tea, Chinatown (20min W of downtown), Power and Wi-fi
  • Gong Cha Tea, Chinatown (20min W of downtown), Power and Wi-fi
  • Starbucks, Anywhere but in this case Crosby (30min, NE of downtown) Power and Wi-fi
  • Raising Cane’s, 1 outlet, no wifi.


Sports arenas

  1. Toyota Center, Home of the Houston Rockets
  2. NRG Stadium, Home of the Houston Texans.  And location of Superbowl LI
  3. Minute Maid Park, Home of the Houston Astros


Tex-mex here is ok.  Had the carne asada here at Molina’s.  Presentation was good.  Actually prefer the fajita steak (still one of the best) back home at local tex-mex spot.

Houston galleria is pretty packed on weekend so.  Starbucks has power outlets along all seating that overlook the skating rink.

Miles of stretches of Bellaire Blvd is Asia town here (Chinatown, or Viet town).  There has to be a dozen strip malls dedicated to Asian businesses and restaurants.  And I think something in the water here reduces the focal length of the eyes.  Everything must seem smaller, so they make it bigger to compensate, including the dim sum.  They were like 50% bigger.


Crawfish season starts in March.  The mudbugs are very popular here.  From upper-left.

  1. Well known bar chain here in Houston, but added crawfish to the menu just for Houstoners.
  2. Well known bar chain letting us know we might be a little high on ourselves.
  3. Crawfish shack in Crosby, tx.  I thought the reviews on Yelp about their seasoning was hype, but it’s pretty good.  But a little goes a long way.  It’s delicious on the potatoes and corn.  Every lb of crawfish deserves a potato and corn.  It goes so well w the crawfish.  I had a serving of the crawfish wo the extras, but got another with the corn and potatoes and the extras made the crawfish taste better.  And the red beans and rice, they cooked w sausage.  It is genius and awesome.  It’s really all about the experience of messy eating, with a whole bunch of people messy eating with you.



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