2017, Mar, South Padre Island

Getting out of this resort town before the spring breakers arrive in full force.  But there is a huge contingen of RV’ers.

There are 3 parks for camping.

Isla Blanca on south side of island, which is a beach w 10 daily access fee.  But has 300 plus RV spots.  A few tent camping spots (15/night). But it looks like the occupancy rate is pretty high.

Andy Bowie park to north, which a few spots for RV and (15/night and maybe 10/day park fee).

Koa which is right next to isla Blanca on its own pier.  It’s a private site, but more amenities than the other two, but more expensive.  Worth the cost for a weekend.  Pool.  Hottub.  Clean bathroom, showers.  Rec room w ac.  Camp site is (50/night) w power and water hookup. RV spots too.

Besides the two parks mentioned, there is the public beach on the gulf side.  There is a few parking spots in the streets, w beach access paths hidden between the hotel resorts.

The sea turtle, inc is a rescue.  I dunno if they are a non-profit.  But it feels good throwing a few dollars at a place taking care of a few of these guys, for a few months.  One of these guys keeps mooning me, though, then coming up to look for my reaction.  And some get pretty big.

McDonald’s has power and wifi

Wifi is available in most places: Koa, Dulce Roma,

There is beach shops everywhere, targeting $10 price point.

In short, it’s a nice place to be.  I can see why people come here.


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