2017, San Antonio

Wrapping normally from the upper-left.

  1. Shops at Rivercenter mall is adjacent and at end of the Riverwalk.  It has a outdoor water display (canal like in the Venetian in Las Vegas) that makes you feel like you are still part of the Riverwalk.  But clear chlorinated water.  The food court is a little small.  But some good restaraunts are attached.  I forget which.  There is a Starbucks.
  2. Puffy tacos at Henry Puffy Taco’s.  These are awesome.  I think the deep fried breaded flour tortillas, might a little of a gimmick.  But what they put inside isnt.  I tried the Picadillos, Carne Guisada, and the Spicy Chicken Fajita.  Everyone I’d get another.  Skip the tortilla soup.  Save room for the puffy taco here.
  3. The Alamo.  A must see!  It’s free after all.  But the parking isn’t (see about parking situation downtown in #7 El Mercado).  Inside (the souvenir shop?) is minature model of the battle of the Alamo, about 6×4 ft, inside glass case.  Pretty cool if you’re into that.
  4. Bar at El Bucenero.
  5. Interior waiting, and concession area of Santikos Embassy 14.  See the chandelier and the nice lounge chairs.  Also the reclining seats in the theater that I’ve seen happening in other theaters.  I can’t remember if I saw a bar.
  6. A type of apparel you will find at Market Square.
  7. La Cantera is an high end-ish, open air mall, located north of downtown.  It’s has a nice vibrant feel there, and is probably a nice place to recover from Six Flags Fiesta, which is nearby.
  8. Northstar mall, north of downtown San Antonio.
  9. Santikos Embassy 14 must be one of the new breed of theaters.  One that goes for a classy look combined with nostalgia shawcase collectibles, reminicent of Hard Rock cafe.  It was very popular here on a Sat night.  Movies in NYC area, on the other hand seem like a declining attendance.  So it’s nice to see.  Automated ticketing, too.
  10. Blackened tilapia and fried oysters and fried shrimp.  El Bucenero was highly recommended on the internet.  They recommended the civiche, which is a raw-ish seafood salad in a lime dressing.  It’s actually quite good everywhere that I’ve had it.  But I wanted to see how their fish tasted.  It’s ok.  I probably shouldve tried the ceviche.  I was looking for fried snapper, which it didn’t find on menu, but other places I’ve had it is also excellent with the meat easily removed from the bones.  But the atmosphere is beautiful and festive.  It’s very busy.  They give you 5 different sauces (one is regular ketchup) to use with the free crunchy tostados.  My favorite was the orange one.
  11. Henry Puffy Taco’s, located north of downtown San Antonio.
  12. River walk.  The Riverwalk is a (single) canal (shunt) channeling water from San Antonio river proper, into downtown San Antonio, like a “U”.  The canal is located 1 story level beneathe the street level of Downtown San Antonio, but is open air.  It’s actually quite nice.  It’s a nice place to go out on a date night or shopping.  There are good restaurants, both local and national chain along the banks.  And motorized ferry rides around the “River”.
  13. The 24hr restaurant in San Antonio.  I forget the name.  I had coffee from them from an automated expresso machine.  It was ok.  The bakery there uses the take anumber system, so they are probably very busy on a weekend.
  14. El Mercado (or Market Square as I have to call it).  Some Mexican restarants and souvenir apparel.  Nice location downtown, 15 minute walk from Riverwalk.  There is a 24hr restaurant  there.  Parking nearby is cheaper ($5 vs $20) than near Rivercenter mall, or Shops at Riverwalk.
  15. La Cantera


Also, the Spurs I think are winning in 2017.

And omg, this is like the best new thing I just tried.  Something called an affogado.  Expresso w a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but it tastes like a super fresh coffee ice cream.


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