Austin has adopted a little of Portland, OR.  In the green belt area (south of River, around parks), I’ve seen the slogan – keep Austin weird.

Indeed, the green belt area reminds a bit of newly gentrified Williamsburg, w warehouses next to parks, new condos, hip business built in older brick building after a make over.  They have a new twist here, gourmet food truck parks.  (3/5 self-rated for tourists)


Also the weird guy in the neighborhood has created mount trashmore in his backyard. Trashmore or the cathedral of junk they call it.  You can see it peaking over the roof.  (1/5 self-rated for tourists)

Barton spring pool is a manmade pond, that is very tastefully done.  Using water from local spring to fill the pool, it is half concrete and half built into the surrounding rock face.  Diving board and life guards.  See the Austin skyline at night.  Free swim after 9p.  Parking free on weekday, but they pay on weekends/holidays.  Admission ranges from $2 to $8.  (3/5 self-rated for tourists)

The party part of town. They say is 6th at west of I 35.  Dirty 6th.  I read on internet, it compared to Bourbon St.  I saw a cross between a small Macdougal street in NYC and bars in Murray Hill.

Mt Bonnell is the highest point within city limits.  The shot of the skyline during the day, is from that point.  Lots of people picnic there.  (3/5 self-rated for tourists)

Hamilton pool preserve is a natural grotto 20minutes nw of downtown.  $15 admission.  (4.5/5 self-rated for tourists)




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