Carlsbad Caverns National Park NM & Guadaloupe National Park TX

Visitor’s center below.  Pay there, and then follow the signs outside to the cave’s entrance.

park visitor center.JPG

Free self guided tours in Carlsbad Caverns this weekend, so I don’t remember the exact price.  Maybe $15 to see King’s Cavern and the Big Room, self-guided.

If passing through west Texas or southern New Mexico, this needs to be added to must see list for 4 hours.

Bring an extra shirt.  In the caves there is dripping water (I hope) and cooler temperatures.  Walking shoes are a must.  Grippy is better, though I had no problem in sneakers.

Save your battery / film for the big room.  Flash required for most people.  But flash won’t help in Big Room.  In there, you need a higher ISO or long shutter.  Tripod would help but then you’re fighting for space w huge walking crowds.  My phone camera worked ok (digital camera sensor technology is amazing), but I wonder how it would look w long shutter w DSLR and tripod.

This is important!  Elevator back up is an hour wait with a large crowd.  You can walk back up the way you came in, in same amount of time, but bring a map, so you don’t get lost and walk in circles.  (5/5 self-rated for tourists)

park guadalupe mountains, on road approach.JPG
Dog canyon campground is hour away in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in adjacent TX, and there’s a narrow, winding road up the mountains to get there.  I do not recommend driving at night.  It has to be pitch black at night, and there is wildlife and grazing cows.  But it’s a small campground at higher elevation.  It’s cooler at night there.  (3/5 self-rated for tourists)

To get there from Carlsbad, you pass Lincoln National Forest (no pictures), still in NM.  There is a small vacation community at top of the peak.  85 degrees at white sands.  67 degrees at the peak.



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