Taos Peublo

The town of Taos has the feel of a counter revolutionary resort town.  Or people looking to get away from the western civilization.  For skiing and hiking, it feels like.  Only stayed to have a coffee at Cafe Tazza.  Note that the winds here are fierce, and dusty.  (2.5/5 self-rated for tourists)

The Taos Pueblo is outside the town and has Peublo Indians who still sustain themselves there.  And have opened the doors to their community for the outside world, to see how they lived, using structures built and maintained the same way as their ancestors.  For the modern tour admission fee of $16.  (1/5 self-rated for tourists)

Nearby is a fantastic view of the Santa Fe River Gorge.  And a bridge that spans it.  (3/5 self-rated for tourists)

rio grande gorge

A self sustained community outside Taos (and a lot of RV in the middle of nowhere, too.  Kinda like the RV community in the movie Independence Day).  Don’t know if there’s a coincidence there that the structure all look like they are from Tatooine from Star Wars.  These are private property and people do live there. So take a picture but be respectful of the privacy of those that wish it.  (1/5 self-rated for tourists)


Nearby Carson Park.  Yes, that’s snow.  It was 49 degrees.  I can’t explain the climate difference between the snow and “Tatooine” (above).

park carson panorama



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