Northern New Mexico, Navajo Dam, Four Points Monument

Navajo Lake Park Campground, $14 for overnight RV.  $8 for just tent camping.  $5 day use.  The lake seems behind the Navajo Dam.  Yes, that’s a dam, an earth filled dam.  (3/5 self-rated for tourists)

Four Points Monument, $5.  For 15 minutes and souvenir stands.  Has lots of picnic tables and grills, though, that have great view of surroundings.  Plaque reads surveyor put the boundary location where it is.  GPS says it’s off by a few feet (within margin of error for GPS, I guess).  Not bad.  (1/5 self-rated for tourists)

cropped four points.JPG

Views of New Mexico Buttes, Basins and Mesas, priceless.  Shiprock is upper-left, underneath the ominous looking clouds.  (2/5 self-rated for tourists)



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