The Grand Canyon, South Rim

There is no bridge (God help the engineer who decides he wants to design one) spanning the 2 sides.  I’ve read it’s 270 miles of road between the 2 sides of the park.

Here’s the thing.  It’s huge.  It’s deep.  It’s $30 entry fee (per vehicle for 7 days).  You get to sit at the edge of the thing, and take your picture.  It’s actually just a short drive on the South Rim, with about a half-dozen stops for views to take photos.  But the view is fantastic.  Fantastic.  Especially, if you like just sitting there and taking it in and waiting for the sunset.  Almost like a nice spot for a picnic.  I don’t think they encourage that, though (it’s not like the mountain in Austin, TX).  There are specific picnic areas away from the rim.

But I think if you’re a hiking type adventurer, you’d get more out of it.  I hear there’s a trail from GrandView Pt, down all the way to the river (  Also, starting at Mather Point, which is the western most point of the main road in the park, and has the largest parking lot and the visitor center, a trail leads westward along the rim of the Grand Canyon (

From upper-left, going down

  • Viewers go up Tower at Desert View Point to see panorama
  • Tower at Desert View Point
  • Grand Canyon
  • Grand Canyon
  • Awe, the squirrels here seem used to people.
  • Visitor Center
  • Moose or elk looking for our leftovers
  • Grand Canyon view with more tourists sitting on a ledge away from the normal viewing area
  • Grand Canyon view with funny rock formation
  • Another Grand Canyon view with tourists on a ledge away from normal viewing area
  • Grand Canyon view with a ledge
  • An asian tour group taking a spot for a view, where this man will not go.
  • Another tourist relaxing with the view
  • Something about this place really bugs me.
  • Grand Canyon view
  • Grand Canyon view

The view really is panoramic.  The ground perspective from a camera I think is limiting.  You can use the panoramic feature on some smart phones.  Or a fish-eye lens perhaps.

Att has 3G service east of desert view entrance.  Inside south rim of park, service is spotty.

Campgrounds at Mather (west) and Desert View (east) fill up fast, so I wasn’t able to stay there.  But the Grand Canyon Village has supermarket, and deli.  There is a post office at the village.

10lb of ice is $5.  Plan accordingly.


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