Great Basin National Park, NV

They say the stretch of US-50 (stretches cross-country) in Nevada is dubbed the loneliest road.  From the east, that starts from Great Basin National Park.  It might be the loneliest national park.  But the entry fee seems to be FREE.  Baker campsite is $12/night, though.


But the undisturbed isolation (and lack of the packs of tourists common at other national parks) is probably what attracts people here.  There is a contingent of RV’s camped out at the Lehman Caves Visitor Center Main visitor center for Great Basin is down-mountain in town.  The GPS on Apple Maps tried taking me onto someone’s private ranch.  The Lehman Caves Visitor Center overlooks a Snake Valley to the east.  The park itself encompasses the Snake Mountain Range to west.  The Lehman Caves Visitor center has day parking, next to picnic tables and BBQ grills.


I’m still trying to figure out what this white cottony, dandelion seed-like, stuff floating in the air and accumulating on the ground like snow, is.

You can drive the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive up the mountain for the view.  But otherwise most roads on the map indicate either 4×4’s or hiking trails.  But I was was feeling like water, not heights, so headed toward Grey Cliffs.

ATT has 4g in Baker Campground.  Verizon LTE is not available.  I was able to update this post from the campsite.  No power hookups.  But has spring water and bathrooms.  Picnic table and BBQ grills at each site, with the sound of water running from Baker Creek in the background.  Most of the campsites are drive-thru parking spots.

Grey Cliffs, on way to Baker campground.


Firepit at each site (bring firewood, don’t be stupid like me and use the loose logs)


Baker Creek next to the Baker campground


I finally have have proof turkeys know what the current date is.  These wild turkeys aren’t running away.  That means they know it’s not November.


Marmot!  Striking a pose, next to the road!  Come back here, you yellow-bellied marmot! I’ve been told the way to photograph the portly people, it’s best to have part of them concealed by something.  Is it a coincidence that 2 out of the 3 photos have it hiding behind something.

But seriously, their pups try to cross the road too recklessly, and in groups.  I read the pose is a danger assessment posture.

There is an astronomy program there.  There is very little light polution there, you want to try photography of the night sky.  No photographs for me.  The cool night air there was so refreshing and put me right to sleep (compared to Grand Canyon, or Bryce).

10lb of ice in Baker (town) is $3.  Walmart sells for $2.  7-11 2.50.

(2/5, rating for tourists, unless you really like marmots, or like hanging around a campfire after a day’s hiking activities)


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