Southern Utah, Zion National Park, Red Canyon and Bryce National Park

AT&T has LTE service in Springdale, outside Zion.

Springdale is a town outside the entrance of Zion National Park.  Entrance fee is $30/car for seven days.  Chain Hotels are there (Marriott, Holiday Inn).  Some local restuarants and cafe’s.  Zion Pizza and Noodle had a Bruce’s Special Chicken Parmesan (Chicken parm with marinara, but pasta is tossed in cream sauce) that I ate much too fast to photograph (there was no ISO high enough to capture that).  And something called bumbleberry pie, I forgot to try.  Supermarkets with $3 ice.  (5/5 rating for tourists)  From upper-left, wrapping normally.

  • Local gift shop with mountains in background.
  • Local bed and breakfast
  • Free shuttle (Springdale Line) to entrance of Zion National Park (a different entrance fee applies on foot).  There is separate shuttle inside the Park.
  • If you do decide to drive into Zion National Park, this is what you may face.  All the camp sites were full there when I arrived.  Which might have been a blessing for pasta.

Inside, the main parking lot for day visitors is at the visitor’s center.  It is also where the shuttle (Temple of Sinawava line) starts.  There is also a “Subway Trail”, I would have liked to have seen, while there, if my feet weren’t complaining.  From upper-left, wrapping normally:

  • Entrance to Zion National Park
  • The sign of the times of the Age of Man, where we only have petting zoo animals preserved in our popular parks.  Here we have a fat turkey, too fat to chase after fat tourists.
  • Exiting one of the unlighted tunnels after you enter Zion National Park.  It’s a little shocking at first when you realize its unlit.
  • The sky was particularly clear today in Springdale, so you could see the contrails of flights passing overhead.
  • Stream at Temple of Sinawava
  • (center) Temple of Sinawava landscape
  • Stream at Temple of Sinawava.  You can walk upstream into the canyon.
  • Friendly squirrel
  • Upcanyon path along canyon wall at Temple of Sinawava
  • Friendly squirrel that has apparently learned to pan-handle, but not advanced to a squeegee yet
  • Feathered wildlife
  • Upcanyon path at Temple of Sinawava
  • FREE shuttle
  • Campgrounds near visitor center

Panonama of Zion National Park near Canyon Junction(?).

You pass Red Canyon on way to Bryce on Scenic Byway 12, which if you continue, leads to Capital Reef National Park.  I did not continue on Scenic Byway 12.



Bryce National Park

Also entrance fee of $30/vehicle for 7days.  AT&T has 4G in Bryce NP Visitor Center.  There is a town outside Bryce Canyon National Park, but it doesn’t seem as developed as Springdale.  Perhaps the tourist crowd is slightly more transient (just to see the sight and not camping or hiking, or staying in the town).  (4/5 rating for tourists)

If you come to Bryce, you are probably coming to see the hoodoos.  There are shuttles going from viewpoint to viewpoint.

Bryce Point


Inspiration point


Sunset point (closest)


Hoodoos.  “Hell of a place to lose a cow” -A practical man


Hikers among the hoodoos.  Potential lost cows?  Time will tell.


“Thor’s Hammer” peaking out from the shadow of the sunset.  The rock really is called “Thor’s Hammer”.  It’s on the map.


Wildlife here too.  You have to take care to avoid them.


Maybe I was too much in a rush…


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