US-50, the Loneliest Road they say

I’ve seen more desolate roads for similar stretches in the southwest.  But the press has dubbed it the “Loneliest Road in USA” (  I think it has spurts of interesting.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left.

  • Tumbleweed.  The thing was like the size of a small car.  I thought it was a passenger waving down for distress, from a distance, oscillating in middle of the road.
  • Blue-eyed dog, who wanted to race my van, after I had to stop for marmot pups crossing road.  He probably was chasing the marmots from a nearby ranch.
  • (center) Windfarms
  • Dirt roads must be the smoke-signals of Nevada warning of oncoming strangers
  • Eureka Mining operations
  • Powerlines headed North-South.
  • Travelling east, toward Toiyabe Mountain Range


Folksy manners, too.  One gas attendant had a joke.  I’m terrible at jokes, so let’s hope I don’t mess this up.

A guy owned a parrot he couldn’t stand.  It did nothing but curse.  The previous owner was a sailor.  This went on day after day.

It would go – f this, f that.

Finally the owner got sick of it and told the parrot to stop!

The parrot went – shut your pie hole,shut your pie hole.  You’re a sh*thead, you’re a sh*thead.

This made the owner even angrier.  He said – keep it up and I’ll pluck all your feathers off!  Then I’ll throw you in the fridge to cool off.

Parrot just kept repeating what he learned – motherf*cker, kiss my ass, kiss my ass.

So the owner went and plucked all the feathers off the parrot, and said – got anything else to say?

Parrot continued – f*ck a duck, f*ck a duck!

Owner grabs the parrot and sticks him in the fridge.  Once in the fridge, parrot sees fried chicken leftovers from last night.  Parrot goes to fried chicken – what are you in here for?

But it’s a scenic drive from one mountain range starting at Great Basin Natl Park, crossing a few others, US-50 goes all the way to Carson City, and beyond.  Passed by Ely first, then Eureka.  All have gas.  Ely has supermarket.  I’ve been told Eureka has new supermarket.  Eureka and Austin (not the one in TX) looks like it’s done some renovations for increased tourism from the press of the Loneliest Road, but there are some unoccupied store fronts.  Most stores close by 5p, except gas stations.  I stopped halfway at Austin, NV.  And headed south on 376.  And then I had a blowout on 376.  Replaced it with a donut, and limped back to nearest town.  (Subjectively, cell service isn’t as “no service” as West Texas, most of New Mexico, and southern Arizona, but it’s not exactly reliable either)

Austin has a Wayne’s Tire Repair shop.  Used tires to get you back on the road.  Around $45.  Kinda reminds me of the gas station in NYC, next to the road with the giant pot hole.  I hated that guy in NYC.  He was always so happy to see me, after I hit a pothole and needed new tire.  I was so relieved seeing the tire repair guy in Austin.  I probably wasn’t the only one, as one guy seemed to have one of those old firestone tires, with the tread completely falling off on him.

GPS said Carson City wasn’t on my itinerary.  So, I stopped travelling on US-50. (1/5, as tourist location, unless you’re on a dirt bar hop across US-50 with a designated drivers, then it might be cool or charity drive new tires to Wayne’s and drive his old ones out, ha ha, and call it the Great Basin Desert Rally).

And this is what the trip looks like so far.





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