Death Valley, where St Peter sends the sinners

Jesus, it’s hot there.  It feels like satan has boiler underneath the floor just to mess with us that the sun is hotter there, than it is anywhere else.


A ghost town named Rhyolite has an artist recreating the last supper, sort of.


But otherwise, I was a lot like camping at Big Bend, TX, except for the Pool at Stovepipe Wells, which I assume is for guests of the resort there.


The town outside of the east entrance, Beatty, wasn’t even close to preparing me for the heat.


Some of the sights require 4×4’s to reach.  But Devil’s Golf Course, Badwater Basin, Zabrinsky’s Point, Dante’s View don’t.  These are just geological features, so if having your picture taken at one of the hottest, most desolate locations on earth, to be at the lowest points on land, at the cost of being cooked alive, and risking your car overheating, then by all means.  But that heat is not an exageration.

Devil’s Golf Course


Badwater BasinDSC_0195.JPGDSC_0201.JPG

Zabrinski PointDSC_0213.JPGDSC_0223.JPG

Dante’s ViewDSC_0273.JPGDSC_0286.JPG

I read once that deserts are supposed to get cold at night bc there’s nothing to retain heat.  Yeah, right!  I actually camped at the Furnace Creek campground for it’s RV hookups.  Hoping power for fans help.  Forget it.  Bring an AC, if possible.  But I did finally get a capture of the Milky Way.  And a creepy tree.


Leaving the next day at 10a, the temperature was 98F.  Past the west entrance, the temperature was 84F.  I thought the 3 liters of soda I prepared, should last me 2 days there. Men plan, God laughs.  Rather than spending extra soda and ice, I knew when to say when and moved on.  I wanted to see the “Racetrack”, but that requires a 4×4.  (Who doesn’t want to see auto-locomotive rocks)


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