I’m not hiking up Mt Whitney. No way. Not without drugs.

For those that don’t remember 3rd grade (as I apparently didn’t), Mt. Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48 states (Mt McKinley in Alaska is numero uno, and much more challenging).  The National Park Service in Lone Pine issues summer permits to follow the hiking trail up to the peak of Mt.Whitney.  The trail is about 24 to 48 hours to complete, I’ve read, and there are a litany of rules to follow, when doing so.  Just search on the internet for hiking up Mt Whitney and obtaining a permit.

I was really hoping I could see the hikers as tiny little dots at the peak, but I just couldn’t find one.  I read there are hundreds that apply for the permit for the summer hike every year.  (https://www.timberlinetrails.com/WhitneyTrail.html)

One really cool feature, is that at the Eastern Sierra Visitor Center 1mi south of Lone Pine, is a flag pole.  The path to the flagpole, lines up perfectly w the peak of Mt Whitney.whitneyalignsflag.JPG

This picture is inside the visitor center.  Crooks Peak and Keeler Needle are the distinctive features, next to Mt Whitney’s peak.


The trail starts on Whitney Portal, a road leading east from Lone Pine.  The diagram is slightly misleading, in that the entrance of Sequoia National Park is west of Mt Whitney.


Nearby, there is a scenic area called the Alabama Hills.  Numerous movies have been shot there, including the opening scene of Ironman, where Tony Stark demonstates his Jericho missile.

Lone Pine is a small town an hour away from Death Valley’s western gates.  It has restaurants, supermarkets, gas, AND ATT LTE service.  One coffee shop with outlet for laptops.  And a McDonald’s with 2 tables with outlets.  Check, for blog posting.



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