Sequoia National Park

Weak 4G ATT cell service or No Verizon LTE in Potwisha Campground.

No ATT cell service at all or Verizon LTE in LodgePole Campground.

Went through Bakersville to Sequoia National Park (CA-99).  Lots of Citrus trees. Railroads.  And Cattle Ranches.



Last few tire shops on way to Sequoia National Park is in Exeter, where my other tire’s patch finally gave out.


You pass thru Three Rivers, which has a few restaurants, and has a bridge over the Kaweah River.  If the sound of water rushing is soothing, this might be a nice place for a coffee.


But the day visitor to Sequoia comes for it’s sights, which are mostly along a single road through the park.  There are road branches to Crystal Caves (didn’t go), and to Moro Rock and Crescent Meadow.  There are free shuttles in park that goes to Sherman Tree, Moro Rock, and Crescent Meadow, if you park near the shuttle parking lots.  They will take you to Tunnel Log, Auto Log and Buttress Tree as well.

Sights include Tunnel Rock.  DSC_0237.JPG

Hiking up Moro Rock isn’t actually that strenuous.  The path to Tunnel Log and Moro Rock, is actually thru the parking lot / bus stop next to the Giant Trees Museum.


Buttress Tree is on route to Tunnel Log.  You can see the roots of the fallen sequoia.


Tunnel Log.  And yes, if you have a regular passenger car, you can drive thru it.  Shuttle only stop here on weekends.


Auto Log.  It sounds like  you can drive on it.  But now, it’s really only wide enough for people to walk on.  Also on the way to Tunnel Log.


But the reason why tourists come to Sequoia National Park… the darned big trees with trunks the size of a car.  The redwoods are taller, but the sequoias are cone shaped monsters of sheer mass.

Including the General Sherman, the biggest one of the all (by estimated weight).


But their campgrounds are nice.  It’s a plus for the park.  It doesn’t feel crowded, even though fully occupied.  The campgrounds I was at all had fire rings with grilling, picnic tables, water, and bathrooms.  (4/5, rating as tourist location bc trees bigger than a car should be seen, but repeat business as a campsite should be a plus as well)

  • Potwisha campground had a family of squirrels running around, that seemed to be nesting inside the log.  You can see the mom squirrel keeping an eye on the little one.
  • There are 3 squirrels.  Can you find them?  On the grass, lower right corner.  To the right of tree on left, looking at this partner.  Standing on a rock, beneath the lowest branches coming from the right.
  • BBQ grilling at one campsite.


Lodgepole is mostly reservable sites.  Many of those sites are right along the river.  And all are nearby the river.  I think sites 100 to 140 (something like that) are first come first serve.  The one I was at (115) was nearby 116 and 117.  They are on different “elevations”, so even though you are next to each other, they are either above or below you.

  • Campsite alongside river below.
  • Three levels of campsites.

They said black bears populate the area, but I didn’t see any in the woods.




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