Yosemite National Park, the view that makes you wonder if Hollywood created it

It’s gorgeous, in the Yosemite Valley.  The panorama is stunning from Glacier Point.  It’s hard to believe that God rolled the dice, and this all came out in a single view.

Come here for the day to look at what the creators of Jurassic Park landscape probably had in mind.

But keep in mind, this might be like the Central Park (NYC) for Northern California, and a kind of Disneyworld attraction.  It gets crowded.  It is at least an hour drive from the closest town, to the Yosemite Valley.  The campgrounds in the Valley are reservation only for a reason.  They are always full (at least they were full for 2 months in advance when I looked).  The first come first serve camgrounds outside the valley (north and south) inside the park, are only open in summer (July, Aug, Sept) because the snow has to melt first.   Stanislaus National Forest is outside the park and it contains several campsites that may be open (Sweetwater, Lost Claim, The Pines, and some private). Tioga Road (CA-120) is the access to the road from the east side to the Yosemite Valley, and it is closed until the snow melts.  BUT if you plan right, this is what you see.



The view from Glacier Point (you can drive to it, or park at the ski lift parking lot and take shuttle).  You can see all the nice people taking their pictures.



Half-dome.  In the close-up, you can actually see the figures of the people there, like they were little fleas.  There’s a telescope at Glacier Point that is 2x better than my close-up, where you can see the color of their clothes.



Nevada Falls, flowing into Vernal Falls, below


Nevada Falls.  The closeup, you can see the people on top of the falls.


Vernal Falls.  The closeup, you can see the people at the bottom, getting up close to look at it.


Yosemite Falls flowing into the Valley Below.  You can get a closer view of the Lower Falls, driving in the Valley.  In the close-up shot, you can see the start of the upper falls, and there are little figures who made the hike up, underneath the trees.


Yes, the critters have become people dependent


The Yosemite Valley


Tunnel View, entering the valley.  There is a scenic view stop for cars just outside the tunnel.  You can see El Capitan on left.  Bridalveil Falls’ mist producing a raindow on right.  And Half-dome peaking out in background.



Bridalveil Falls.  I think the name comes from the way the mist flows with the wind.  A video would show the effect better.


Ribbon Falls


Note: The Staircase Falls is actually different waterfall that isn’t always flowing.  That waterfall supposed to be flowing like the barrels in the old Donkey Kong video game, along the valley wall.  But the name evokes how the Yosemite and Nevada waterfalls feed into other waterfalls downstream.

El Capitan.  No little figures on the close-up of the top of El Capitan, from the Valley Floor.  What, no one wanted to take an insane photo view from the edge?



Merced River


reflections of trees.JPG


Yosemite Falls



I guess that’s why the campgrounds are all filled.  So they can spend a few days walking up to the waterfalls, or along the rivers, in the meadow.

There is ATT LTE service in the Yosemite Valley!  But it’s like a eye of a hurricane.  No service anywhere else.



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