Extraterrestrial Hwy, then to Vegas for different weirdos

I know “Extraterrestrial Highway” was supposed to be like the “Loneliest Road” marketing campaign, but I was expecting a little more.

There’s only 2 souvenir stores, and one hotel/restaurant ($2 can of coke) supported by this ad campaign.  And you’re not supposed to find “Area 51” unless you want follow some specious directions to unmarked roads, to meet armed guards, and not see a single building.  And they don’t sell gas either, so I don’t think they get a lot of truck traffic.  Stay in Vegas for fun.  But if you’re going thru anyway, there is snacks for a stop.

Rachel is the town with Little Alien cafe, right in the middle of the highway.  Beef Jerky and the giant alien are on south side of the highway.

No ATT service!

You’re more likely to have an close encounter with him!  Jesus, they are fat to be free-ranging in a desert.  Run, man!  Your destiny may be a steak!


Started from Tonopah, to the start of the highway at Warm Springs, which only has a gas station, through Rachel (which doesnt have a gas station), through Alamo, to Love’s Travel Stop in North Las Vegas, which is probably the next gas station you will encounter.

But a huge salve!  Nellis Air Force base decided to send a deployment of planes this evening, viewable from North Las Vegas.  Different kind of spaceships.  Hope I’m not breaking some sort of law by taking the pictures.  Library books actually put to use!

Picture of the mountains in the east, during sunset.


I think this is a B-1


Iconic f-15


The popular f-16


Today’s movie glamour plane, f-22.  See Transformers?


I don’t know.  It might be f-104, but the tail is wrong.  f-5, but these are all retired?  Could be a Learjet?https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learjet_35

f-104 maybe.JPG

I don’t know either.  747?  But no civilian markings.  Maybe e-4.  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_E-4




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