Mono Lake, CA, supposed to be a recreational park, but almost a sad story

If you search “Mono Lake” in Google, you get these fantastic looking photographs of geological features reflected off the lake.  That’s why I went.  But if you read the park reports, you understand that it’s really making the best out of an almost tragic situation, where the lake was almost completely dried up.  The geological features, the tufa, are actually supposed to be underwater.  Above water, they look like exotic geological features. Recently, they enacted measures to make sure the water level doesn’t fall anymore.

The water was redirected to help supply Los Angeles (noble effort), so it’s not like they were trying to dry a lake, but give water to millions.

During the summer, you can reach Mono Lake via Tioga Rd, CA-120, when it’s open, thru Yosemite.

There are two areas where you can walk among the tufa.  South Tufa area is the largest.

The is ATT 3G service in area.


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