Hoover Dam, Lake Mead

I come to Vegas every year, so nothing about Vegas here.

Hoover Dam is $10 for parking.  Engineering masterpiece.  There maybe extra admission for a tour going inside to see the hydroelectric turbines.


Updraft is strong.  Don’t pour water over the side.  It will fly back up and hit someone.



In June, Lake Mead feels like Death Valley.  I’m not exagerating.  Boulder Beach is not a sand beach.  It is more like desert meets water, with no in between.  The beach is pulverized rock, the kind of dust you encounter in the desert.  $20 / vehicle entrance fee.

Water is refreshing, though, but the sun is overwhelming at 100+ deg, and no shade structures.  I assume they don’t want trees absorbing water, and evaporating it through greater surface area through the leaves (only half sarcastic).



There are plenty of campgrounds are mostly empty in June when I was there, but ATT LTE is strong there, as well as Verizon LTE.


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