Road trip essential

Fix a flat can, to get tire lifted off the ground. $7.  Saves 45 min as opposed to change a tire when it works.  Might not fully inflate the tire but lifts it up high enough to drive to gas station perhaps.

It does what it says.  Inflated a tire to 30psi within 6min, powered from the accessory port.  $30

If you want the tire fully inflated all the way, before you get underway to a tire shop.

Combined w above, if the leak is real bad, you can roll the tire until you see the fix-a-flat fluid starts leaking out, to see where the leak is.

Addendum: 7/20/2017

What fix a flat and a air pump can’t fix… oakland potholes are almost as bad a New York City potholes.


A pothole that bad takes out 2 tires, front and back.  Only a cell phone and credit card fixes that (for a tow truck).



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