Anaheim, out of the frying pan of the desert

From 116F, to 86F in 2 hours.  What is the deal?

Celebrate the cool weather with Disney Fireworks in the background.


Downtown Disney the next day.  No entry fee to shop Disney products for 2 hours.  You can walk to theme park gates, but bc of the 2 hour limit, it’s not practical.  Cone of shame!

Where to go in Anaheim, if you want to get away from the tourist attractions?

Poke bowl, which is sashimi, topped on top of rice, mixed in the sauce of your choice (spicy mayo pictured).  If you like sashimi, or tuna tartare, it’s pretty good.  $12 at Pokinometry.


Tokatsu Ramen with Black garlic oil at Yoshiharu Ramen.  The aroma of garlic with tonkatsu broth… mmm.  $10.




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