San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Berkeley

Silicon Valley, if you’re a techie fan, has a campus for many of the tech companies out there.

Intel has a museum.  Google has the android foam scuptures outside it’s headquarters and separate visitor center gift shop.  Apple, Inc has a gift shop for visitors.  Facebook has the big thumbs up.

Ferries leave from several piers in San Francisco.  Pier 33 is where Alcatraz Ferries lead from.  Pier 1 is where the Embarcadero Food Market is located and ferries to Sausalito. Fisherman’s Wharf is around Pier 40.  Gharadelli Chocolate has great sundaes for around $12.


Alcatraz in the summer is booked for at least 3 weeks into future.  Take heed.  Book reservations well in advance, if you want to goto prison.


Oakland Colliseum from BART, the regional rail system, that converges on San Francisco, leads across the bay, and separate lines go north toward Berkeley and south toward Oakland and beyond, just short of Silicon Valley.  Inside San Francisco is a series of buses and above ground trolleys, that take exact change only, $2.75/ride.  All day passes are sold for $15.


Golden Gate Bridge only accepts electronic payment.  No cash.  If you do not have the electronic pass, you can pay in advance thru their website, as long as you know the day you will be passing through.  The toll is only south-bound, or traveling into San Francisco.


Mr. Rex is famous in Cali!  Like a beloved Dinosaur.


He even is a 49ers employee in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, 45min south of San Francisco.  I think he’s riding a segway to compensate.



Oakland.  Oracle stadium where NBA champ Golden State Warriors play, and Oakland Colliseum where not so champion today (but 4 time champ) Oakland Athletics play.


Planet Granite in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley).  Bouldering and rock climbing.  Partner belays.  Both lead and top rope.


Berkeley, considered one of the most diverse colleges in the USA.  The surrounding businesses show it.  The students love it so much, the campus is even busy in the summer.

Oakland has a less acute homeless problem than Los Angeles, but that may simply be because there are better options than tents here.


In California, there is a new franchise called smashburger.  I had a juicy, perfectly textured mushroom and truffle mayo burger and my doubts were put away.



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