Oakland A’s vs Tampa Bay Rays

I don’t really care about either team, but baseball pigs are so funny.  But uhh, this one has elephant ears.

The A’s (like the Mets) found a way to lose the game.  They did it in the 9th, when their closer was unable to do what he’s there for, and gave up 2 runs.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left.  Tue evening, 7/18/17.

  • Ceremoniously named Rickey Henderson Field
  • Starting A’s pitcher, who knows.
  • A’s mascot getting hammered by a fan.  Good thing he has a job already.
  • Rays Manager getting tossed.  Is he smiling because the visiting office in Oakland is comfy?
  • Starting Rays pitcher, who cares.
  • A’s fan heckling a Rays pitcher who was taken out by coach.
  • Longoria swinging through a pitch.
  • Stolen base.  Third baseman dropped ball.
  • Pulled single past shortstop.
  • Opposite field squibber, or what happens when a second baseman is lazy on his heels with a right-handed batter at the plate.
  • What a beanball looks like a split second before the batter reacts.

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