Portland, OR, Again 2017

Was here 5 years ago.  And I find myself doing the same things again.  Alder Street Food trucks.  Stumptown and Southeast Grind Coffee houses.  Streetcars around downtown.

Alder Street Food Trucks.  Asian Food.  BBQ.  Mexican.  Indian. Mediterranean. Get it while it lasts.  Downtown is building new buildings.  That parking space is going to be valuable one day.

Stumptown Coffee, a local favorite.  But closes by 6 or 7p, usually.


Southeast Grind, 24 hours


Greasy Fried Rice hits the spot sometimes, and Thai Basil Fried Rice with chicken has become a favorite, $7.  Now, if I only can find a dirt place with Kim Chi Pork Belly Fried Rice.


This time, able to explore Beaverton, Mongolian Hot pot at least.  All you can eat for $20 at Little Sheep.


Not NBA season, but home of the Trailblazers.IMG_8568.JPG

If you want to see downtown, parking is mostly pay lots only.  You may want to consider parking on the east side of the river, and taking the streetcar ($2/ride) to the other side (what the modern chicken does).


Tom McCall Waterfront Park on the west side of river, has a nice view of Mount Hood.



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