Mets at Mariners, Jul 30, 17

I’m starting to feel like that Indians fan from the movie “Major League”.

Indians Fan #1: No way, too high.  Too high.
Indians Fan #2: “Too high”?  What does that mean. “too high”?
Indians Fan #1: Too high, I thought.  Because of the trajectory of the ball, it looked way too high.

-From the movie “Major League”, courtesy of


-Courtesy of Nelson Cruz

You know it was hit hard, if the hitter (Cruz)  and catcher looks up like gophers and the pitcher (Lugo) doesn’t even react.  That happened way too often.

But before the game, it’s nice to see the players still interacting with the fans for autographs.

But the game itself.  Wrapping normally assuming HTML rowspan rules, from upper left.

  • Nice play on a Jay Bruce liner to second
  • Liner by Granderson, to right.  Great sliding play not pictured (queue Indians drums)
  • Granderson realizing how the game was going to go
  • Another error by the Mets, Cespedes loses a fly in the high sun (queue Indians drums)
  • (center) Rip by Cano, over first baseman
  • Nice play at second by Reynolds on a grounder in the hole
  • Throw back to first
  • Reyes hit on forearm by a pitch.  (queue “Wild thing, you make my heart sing…”)
  • Intensity at the plate by Cespedes
  • Mariners love their big Canadian pitcher (except when they goto Mt Rainier)
  • One of the errors by the Mets on grounder to second (queue Indians drums)
  • Just out of reach by the shortstop on a hard hit grounder in the hole.
  • Nice play at short on a grounder
  • Armchair General of the Mets assessing the situation
  • d’Arnaud, late on the high heat (queue Indians drums)
  • (center) Granderson and Comforto have a moment
  • Cespedes again
  • Nice backing up the right fielder, by Comforto
  • Nice turn at second, for the double play
  • Nice play at second, again by Reynolds
  • Wilmer Flores looking the ball into the mit.
  • Granderson lining up a shot up the middle for a single
  • (Bottom) d’Arnaud looking the fastball into the mit.

Seriously, they might have been trying to climb the barbed wire last night.



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