Milwaukee’s Best

Colectivo Coffee in Bayshore Town Center north of Milwaukee. Get the hot cocoa. Don’t ask stupid questions. Just accept it on faith. Get the extra large. It’s like drinking a dark chocolate truffle dipped in whip cream. I have no pictures, bc I thought it was more regular cocoa. But it’s so good.  (There’s one across from Milwaukee Public Market in downtown, but it didn’t have whatever they sprinkled on to make it taste so good before). Then you can shop a little.  It’s more of an open air shopping area.  I read it described as an enclosed shopping area, but that building is kinda dark and dank.  Outside is cold but more interesting shops and dining.

There actually isn’t much to see as a tourist in Milwaukee.  During baseball season, you can see Miller Park where the Brewers play.   It’s slightly west of downtown.  The other side is it’s better side, but it was 10 degrees that day and I had enough freezing already.

Freezing is ok, if your seeing snow and ice.  Not so fun, when looking at sights not related to winter.

Downtown, there is what they call the Historic Third Ward.  What I saw was a reviltalized part of downtown Milwaukee with boutique shops and trendy bars, across from the Milwaukee river.  Milwaukee is an hour and a half south of Green Bay.  And Chicago is about 2 hours south of Milwaukee.

Also in Third Ward, is the Milwaukee Public Market.  It’s kinda like the market in Grand Central in NYC.  Trendy eats, and not really a farmer’s market.  Try the Fried Cheese Curds.  It’s pretty good.  (They aren’t mozzarella sticks, but kinda look and taste like them.  And I think they are made similarly)

Left is Discovery Children Museum, and right is art museum.  Then you can see the Lake Michigan from the reverse angle.  Just the bay is frozen, if you can look beyond, it’s mostly not frozen.  Maybe a little slush.

Mayfair mall is an indoor mall west of Milwaukee.  Good sized.  Ok, food court.

American Science and Surplus is like the the junkyard in Sanford and Son was bought by the characters in the Big Bang Theory.  But I found myself cataloging the stuff they had, because if you like working on gadgets like a computerized watering machine, things like a new water pump or solenoid valve is kinda expensive for something so small.  But second hand at this place, maybe I can get a few of them.

Mr Buddy Heater, what can I say.  You kept me comfortable in Jamestown, ND, nights.  Helped me enjoy Mineapolis without bitching about the cold too much.  And may have kept me alive in Green Bay.  But Mr. Buddy Heater from Walmart (around $80) might have finally shown some defects.  It started in Green Bay, when I needed to tilt the pilot light toward the thermocouple, to make sure it stayed on.  In Milwaukee, that didn’t work either.  Experimenting with a lighter, I realized the pilot stayed on when a flame was applied to thermocouple, and moments after I removed it, it turned off.  So if this workaround worked for me, it might work for you.  I applied a METAL clip to end of thermocouple to extend it closer to the pilot flame, and conduct the heat to the thermocouple.  This is probably circumventing its automatic low oxygen cutoff (maybe incomplete burning results in less heat), but first things first.  Need heat in zero degrees F.  But this also means that that sensor is starting to get less sensitive, and failing.


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