The Biggest Truckstop in USA, in Iowa-80

Actually isn’t that big except for the parking lot.  It is big for a truckstop or even a Love’s, but it’s not a mall.  Inside has a lot of auto supplies, trucker accessories, and colorful souvenirs, that truthfully you probably can only find here.


Including a Klingon weapon.  I wonder who he drives for?


But I think the best value is the buffet.  American style.  Meatloaf, ribs, corn, mashed, meatballs, mac and beef, vegetable and beef stew, fried chicken for lunch $11 or $13 depending on day.  Breakfast buffet before 11a, a little less expensive.  There’s 4 fast food outlets there, too like Orange Julius, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s, if the buffet is not your thing.  Bathroom is too close to the fast food cafeteria in my opinion.

Is it worth seeing.  If you’re on the road, certainly.  It’s nearby where the Field of Dreams cornfield is.  But detouring more than 15min to see… only if you need trucker accessories, which part of the showroom is dedicated for.


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