Omaha, Omaha

Yes, I am making fun of Payton Manning calling an audible.

I am so happy to get away from the Dakota’s and Great Lakes.  Omaha is a balmy 40F.  Oh the wonders of being above freezing.  My car doors open without complaint.  And I can walk around wo gloves.


Omaha is where the College World Series is played.  Rosenblatt Stadium from 1950 through 2010; TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, starting in 2011.  They love their Cornhuskers here from U of Nebraska.  Creighton is also located here, which I think I recall from ESPN.

Otherwise, I can’t think of a reason to visit Omaha.  Also since Chicago, there has been quite a pan-handling problem.  Here unexpectedly in Omaha, this trend continued, especially away from downtown.  But if you have to be here…

I’ve been in Omaha for almost 2 weeks, waiting for some funds to clear, so I can be more comfortable driving again.  I dunno if it was the best or worst place to be, to be stranded w/o very limited money.  But the Westroads Mall has a upscale food court serving alcohol called Flagship Commons, with a lounge area in front of fireplace.  They didn’t complain having me there all day reading a book for multiple days.  It’s a great place to get some reading in (when some child isn’t screaming their lungs out) and grab some $12 ramen, $2 refillable sode, $8 sushi, taco’s, gourmet burgers.  There’s a bar with a big screen TV, good for watching football or ESPN.  And another big screen TV behind the fireplace.  The bar has power outlets, and USB power chargers.  That ramen tasted so good, after a week of self-made Nissin instant noodles, and crackers.  But some of the patrons here, however, continued what other patrons in other cities do, which is cough at you as they pass by.  I assume this is the new American code-phrase (usually white, black in a Planet Fitness, an even 1 asian in mall) for “We reserve the right to (let you know inconspicuously, we’ve picked you out of everyone here to get your attention w/o saying what)”.  I have no other interpretation for such behavior as a guest in their city, who tries to stay out of their way.

(Addition: After a day in Kansas City, I’ve realized how different the flagship commons area was to just relax)

Or you can grab Raising Cane’s Box Combo for $8.50 (or 1 combo for 4days, with enough leftover for gas), and bring it to the Commons area and enjoy it in front of the big screen.  Yes, one finger is already in my stomach.


The Heartland of America Park is next to the Missouri river.  I would say, it’s not much to see in the winter, unless the sight of ice packs flowing down the Missouri river is interesting (it kinda is), or walking on the iced over lake bc the fountain defnitely is not running (now that would be a sight).  The ducks that walk across the ice pack is defnitely one of the different things you can see.

ducks.JPGBut in the summer, you can stroll by the many Veterans Memorials they have here.  Reminds me of Little Rock and Lousiville?


Old Market is near downtown.  It’s definitely a kind of revitalized neighborhood feel with bars, steakhouses and coffeehouses.  A cool place to hang out for a few hours (but not if you have no money).  Aroma (Hardy’s is the name on cups) Coffeehouse is ok.

Nearby Council Bluffs, still in Iowa, has a huge Bass Pro Shops, which has outdoor gear, and inside is a carnival-like shooting range.  It’s right next to Mid-America Center, which sounds familiar, but I can’t remember from what.

This is the town of Omaha Steaks, but there isn’t a distribution center tour (Would you want to, if you could?  It probably will smell like your butcher).  But it is home to some of the best Steakhouses (so the internet says).  I need to leave Omaha after a week of crackers, so I won’t try the $30 rib-eye or Prime Rib at their steakhouses.  But the pictures are delicious to look at.


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