Kansas City, which isn’t where Dorothy came from

Kansas City is split between Missouri and Kansas. There is actually a road called State Line Road, south of downtown Kansas City, where you can stand on the border. I hear gas is cheaper on Missouri Side.


But ironically the downtown, and the Sports Complex where the Royals and Chiefs play is on Missouri side. But otherwise, it feels rather distributed evenly.  Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains, and there are a lot of water features there (whose magnificence is wasted in the drab clouds of winter).  Although, there is a possiblity that it looks completely different under the colored lights at night, with the frozen icicles flowing over, like in Bryant Park in Manhattan.

Crown Center is a modern looking shopping center on south side on downtown. It has hoity toity stores and a focus on family entertainment w companies like Crayola and Hallmark having a large presence. It is also right next to Union Station. But otherwise, not a lot of the usual retail you associate w a typical shopping center. Street parking is free on weekends, otherwise good luck with that.

Zona Rosa is at an intersection of 2 highways, 20min north of downtown. It is a outdoor (open air) shopping neighborhood. No food court, but plenty of chain restaurants. But if your looking for a place to just relax w reading a book or newspaper, Barnes and Noble Cafe seems to be it. Same but opposite intersection has a Walmart. Free parking lots!

Country Club Plaza is another open air shopping neighborhood just south of downtown. Free parking lots. This is the part of town that they made to look like Spanish architecture. But it’s a nice walk around and it’s right next to a park, next to a small river. If you want to sit and relax there, the Starbucks is a bit stuffy and Jack Stack BBQ brisket is a little overrated (dry). But it has Fogo de Chao which is Brazilian BBQ buffet which you have to have, if you’ve never tried (sometimes too salty, but serious a lot of meat, so a little extra seasoning may be in order) and Cheesecake Factory.

Oak Park mall is an indoor mall. It’s Jan now. This is a blessing, though today was 50F. Food court and all the normal mall stuff. Truthfully, Omaha’s Westroad mall was a better place to be stranded for 2 weeks. It’s Flagship Commons area was a better place to lounge.

Kaufman stadium and Arrowhead stadium are located together in one sports complex east of downtown. It’s a little like Jersey’s Meadowlands that way, where the Giants play.

Negro league museum is here in Kansas city. Speed way is in Kansas side of the city.  There is an Ikea and Microcenter on south side of city.  It’s like a very large Tulsa, in the suburbs away from downtown.


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