St. Louis, start of the mighty Mississippi River

Before here, it’s the Missouri River.

Busch stadium and the Gateway Arch is downtown.

Outside of stadium is a sports bar complex.


Get off the 8th and Pine light-rail station and there are signs that direct you to see the arch.


Eventually you see (and get tickets for $13 to tram to top) :

St. Louis galleria is a nice regular mall west of downtown.

Pappy’s BBQ’s ribs are awesome and burnt ends are like BBQ pot roast. Deep fried corn on cob is interesting, but not much different from flame roasted.

Olive Blvd (west of downtown) has a collection of Asian restaurants and groceries, if you’re looking for some authentic asian food.

It’s warmer here, but still not enough for Ted Drewes Frozen Custard which the internet mentions a lot.  Next time.

Slowly working myself south.  I am an illustration of why nature invented wings.



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