Coffee and Donut Crowd

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Cops are going to be an inevitable part of the vagrancy strategy road trip. In all cases, treat the uniformed officer w courtesy, esp as he’s probably trying to size up the situation in seconds.

  1. Cops in Virginia Beach past Chesapeake tunnel on a different trip, stopped my car for tints, and searched my car. No written warning, but he said there was a lot of drug traffic in area. But eventually 6 officers were around me.
  2. 2 Park Rangers in Arcadia natl park offered a written warning for sleeping at Sodus Point in am.  If you see the view there, you kinda understand the reason to wake up there.
  3. Nashville area police officer was called by property manager of a mini storage I was parked at that night. Asked to move that night.
  4. Albequerque police stopped me for driving too slow. Seriously.  Written warning.
  5. Phoenix area cop knocks on window in front of Planet Fitness. Asks if anyone is inside besides me and then says I’m ok and goes away.
  6. Anacortes, female and male cop knocked on my window. Asks if anyone is inside besides me. Told me City ordinance says I can’t sleep in street (next to abandoned house). But for one night I’m ok. (Or don’t be here tomorrow). I tell him I’m still in town only bc my car needs repair.
  7. Boise male cop knocks on window. He says a neighbor called. He says I need to move. He understands that I probably just needed a place to sleep.  But I need to move.
  8. Cop in Columbus Montana comes at night and tells me I need to move bc neighbor called. Tells me a better place in town to park, for the interim traveler.
  9. Denver female cop stops me for running stop sign. I told her I didn’t see it at all. I was going to a park, from Ikea during day. She asks my business. And verified my identity. No written warning. Didn’t know where she came from.
  10. North Dakota state trooper pulls me over for broken taillight at night. Let’s me go when he sees repair kit. He was following me for a while.  I just didn’t know the “damn tailgater” was a state patrol.
  11. Most recently a male cop (Indianapolis or St. Louis) stopped me for driving without headlights on at night. I was driving from nearby mall, into Walmart. I was surprised the short trip drew attention. No idea where he came from. I apologized for the lights. He let me go. No warning.

Yes, they are around.


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