Sloss Furnaces, AL

Old pig iron furnace. Free.

And that’s really all you can say about the place. One day, they’ll cordone off and expand the area and it’ll be a really nice park.  It’s currently on the National Register of Historic Places.  The gift shop will sell concessions to people who sit for the serene area. The visitor center has a movie describing the furnace’s significance (Birmingham was built around it). Metal Art exhibits from the artists that use the facility still. All free.

And gift shop. Not free.

She says there are ghosts there. But I think it’s a testament to industrial American can do spirit. It’s a huge ex-facility where they used to burn coke/coal to melt and process raw ore, into iron ingots. Something, I don’t think anyone has ever seen outside the industry except in real life.

It’s really not that fascinating, unless you think that places like that are spiritual in its own way. Like a great Shinto temple. Or a lesser pyramid. And just as interesting, but not as aesthetically pretty.


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