“When you drop toast, the buttered side always lands face down”
-Unknown, probably Russian from the sound of it

Roadtripping is supposed to be fun.  So is writing code.  But often not everything goes according to plan.

Do it right, and it’s part of the fun.

In between trying to do it right, and when it becomes fun, sometimes, is like the moment just after you drop the toast.

A toast to road tripping moments.

  • Where to go.
  • When to go.
  • What to bring.
  • How to get there.
  • Where to rest.
  • Where’s free wifi.
  • Where can I plug my laptop in.

 And a nod to coding gods.

  • WordPress for blogging content management (editor tools on iOS and PC), via free http://www.wordpress.com
  • Google Static Map API, for map images w markers and paths
  • Google Embed API, for interactive maps that have to be generated manually.