Do not try to find free parking in Boston

Great city.  I can’t drive around in it without accidently ending in Cambridge, or Revere.  And forget looking for a free parking spot.

From the top left, wrapping normally from top to bottom.

  1. I started in Boston, on Sudbury?  I still don’t know how I ended up in Cambridge.
  2. Back in North End of Boston.  I think I found a parking spot for lunch.  Or I deluded myself into thinking it was ok to park there.
  3. Raw Bar in North End.
  4. Raw Oysters, or what was left of them.
  5. Best Cioppino was that night.  Shrimp and fish was cooked pefectly, and the mussels and clams may have finished under a broiler before topped on on the spicy broth.



Route 1. Wells, ME has outlet malls

Tanger above.

Wrapped to next line, from top-left:

  1. Mike’s Clam Shack
  2. Trading post
  3. Outlet Mall
  4. Good looking lobster (Tastes better in a gourmet lobster roll on buttered sourdough toast, if you had to choose one application)


Yes, there’s two major cities named Portland and one is in Maine


Arrived early in the morning in Portland, from Boston, where I had the best French Fries (above.  Drove all night.  Wrapping normally from upper left.

  1. Old Customs House
  2. Lobster Traps… Mmmm
  3. More reminder of Lobster
  4. Shops along the Wharf
  5. Portland Ship Terminal
  6. Gilbert’s Chowder!  Best greasy Fish and Clam New England Chowder.  To this day, I mix sauteed Gordon’s frozen fish and frozen shrimp and fresh made bacon bits to my Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder.  And top it off with my usual addition of chopped green onions.  Genius should be imitated.

Plymouth Rock

Can you say “Pilgrim” like John Wayne?

Wrapping normally to next line, from upper-left:

  1. Sushi and Sashamy?
  2. Crabbyshack… insert image of local floozy
  3. The Mayflower?
  4. There’s an actual “Plymouth Rock”.  I don’t know if I should be underwhelmed, or surprised that a rock actually exists.
  5. Sign pointing out the location of the Rock
  6. Shops along the Park


Do we have a controversy about where the pilgrims landed?


Daytrip in Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA


A bite at a local clam shack chain.  Recommend the fried clam necks.

And the local color, wrapping normally from upper left

  1. Ferries to Martha’s Vineyard.  I always wanted to know where this was.
  2. Cape Cod Times
  3. Bear with my posture issues
  4. Local sayings
  5. A penguin trapped in a car without windows cracked
  6. The local beach bum welcoming customers
  7. Peculiar taxonomy of a seagull or albatross.  Reminds me of Han Solo in “carbonite”.  And Jabba the Hutt “I Will Not Give Up My Favorite Decoration
  8. Angry guy sayings
  9. JFK Memorial
  10. Indian guy who loiters here