Cross-country Trip started in 2016 (Current)


  1. Budget We are on a constrained budget for this trip. So some method of revenue via remote site would help. Camp when possible to save on lodging costs.
  2. Fuel This is heavily related to distance
  3. Food Cheap eats
  4. Time More time means more cost. Too little time, means we likely wasted opportunity to do something local while there
  5. Distance Need to get efficient path to minimize distance
  6. Climate Important as camping conditions are limited.
  7. Entertainment …Point of interest search. Great Places to photograph. Things you have to try.

The original plan in Aug


Looks kinda like the outline of a “U” on it’s side.

The computer just suggests a least distance itinerary, based on destinations I sent. The program used:

  • Google Distance API (to construct distance cost matrix)
  • Google Geocoding API (to verify location is valid)
  • Google Static Maps API (to produce the map images)
  • Google Search (1/15/2017, to get alternative address)
  • Weather Underground website (for historical weather on a date). The trip here begins by revisiting New England

Follow computer recommendations, as conditions allow.

My Ishikawa diagram or Reasons why the buttered side of toast might land face down

  1. Stealth Camping is frowned upon… everywhere
  2. Parking Tickets
  3. Unknown electronic toll roads, and you won’t know until you return and check your mail
  4. Confusing roads, increase the chance of accidents
  5. Losing GPS or Cell data network in a completely foreign location, or you’re f—ed and delayed hours looking to get on any road you recognize
  6. Unintentionally alarming local law enforcement, or why you always keep your hands in plain sight
  7. Arcadia National Park gets pretty cold for camping, even in November.  Or we need to develop a heat strategy for camping.
  8. There may be gaps of days between showers, depending on location.  Or we need a smell protocol.
  9. Mechanical Problems such as
    1. Leaving car window open during rain storm, caused a short which drained the battery. A jump start solved the problem, but…
    2. Battery died from the full discharge, so replacement was necessary
    3. Coolant system was overheating from malfunction in the fan control system. Only new fuse was needed. But a oil change and several refills were necessary before the diagnostic.
    4. Tire pressure needs to be monitored constantly, esp if you were stealth camping