Flagstaff, home of Lowell Observatory, and site of a Meteor Crater

Lowell Observatory, $15.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left.

  • It snowed here tonight.  Jesus.  I don’t understand weather.  From Phoenix to Flagstaff is 2 hours.
  • Clark optical (refraction) telescope building
  • View of Jupiter over MacAllister telescope.  You can see one of the visitors looking through the telescope.
  • MacAllister reflector telescope in red light inside.
  • Pluto (the planet) controversy exhibit with Pluto (from Disney)
  • Clark telescope shutdown for the evening due to inclement weather
  • Entrance with “hierglyphics”?  Stargate coordinates I guess (kidding).

They have lectures with cool displays of the planets projected on a screen, conducted by interns (where was this job on the college internship listings?) on the constellations, importance of light in their field, and you might even get to see through a one of their telescopes at night.  (3/5 rating for tourists, at night).

Meteor Crater, $18.  Wrapping normally, from upper-left.

  • Part of the meteor they found here.
  • The crater is not small.  They weren’t even sure it was a meteor crater when it was discovered.
  • Lower observation deck.  You can take photo of where they were searching for the meteorite
  • A awesome suprise.  A group of (army?) helicopters flying by.  Only 2 here, but they were flying in a diamond like formation.

There are a few picnic tables outside. There are indoor exihibits about the search for the meteor, meteor strikes and the effect of this one on the geology. (3/5 rating for tourists, but only bc you don’t see many of these).  It is the best preserved meteor crater.

As you can see, the meteor crater is a little further from Flagstaff.